Working Abroad


Blossom life abroad (Together we can do it…!!!) is a collective of traveling consultant with like’s mind who are motivated and driven with passion of empowerment for the people, not only creating a blossom life abroad but equally building our mother land for greater future by the time people sent abroad are back with money ( kudi, eego, owo) and creativity to established a company or lucrative business for others to work. We are a subsidiary and partnering company of an organization known as BIGA-MILE LTD. this team is headed by Mr. Odeyemi Olukunle Michael, principal partner at one of the leading Nigeria study abroad student recruiting agency called Biga-Mile Ltd.

Our working experience with a travel consulting firm all over the world as given us edge above other organization. Our passion to help people who are challenged with financial stability to go for their dream of working and living abroad as they activate the skill of multi  level marketing ( MLM) in them and as well help their family, friends and loved ones. Together we can do it.

This establishment is driving at providing humanitarian services all over the world, especially in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Togo and other African youth challenge country. There are many individual that have benefited in our programs before the force from our beneficiary home and abroad for we to go global to help the youth of this country especially and Africa at all.

Blossom life abroad is not a “product selling pyramid matrix” but a scheme creatively designed with skills, intellectuals with high passion and commitment of the initiator to improve the lives of Nigeria people and Africa.

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Blossom life abroad, conceivably believes in numbers by power and populated we are, the greater number of people will be affected positively and the community from the grass root to the top will be infected with joy and happiness. We believe in our slogan….together we can do it…!!. whether you are making yourself available for a friend, colleague or someone else who may be a less challenged, there is certainly nothing that produces a greater feeling of greatness than “empowerment and love for humanity ” offer a blossom life today” This is our vision. Bringing this dream to reality is our mission. And our goal is for you and everyone to be a beneficiary of it.

The Benefits Of blossom life abroad

Life Empowerment Solutions

In BLA, we will help you build that dream of working and living abroad bring to reality; motivate you and also make positive changes in your life once for a life time. With blossom life abroad empowerment program, we strive to make life much easier, better and comfortable to live for all our partner because we give you full international support from securing your international passport, getting you a good job abroad, buying your ticket and see fly from any of the nearest international airport. Our life changing empowerment program is actually a multi-dimensional scheme that impact power in you to become helpful for yourself as well as the people all around you and the country at all.

We are here to encourage you with innovative and skillful services that enhance the lives of our partners and non- partner like orphanage homes, the blind, beggars on the street, widows & widower, disable people and medically challenged people).

These services consist of:

  • Procurement of international passport
  • Humanitarian Services
  • Trade and Skill Procurement Support
  • Work and live abroad Investment Solution
  • Financial Assistance services to partners
  • Study and work abroad Scholarship Empowerment solutions
Compensation Plan

Blossom life abroad  Explosive Compensation Plan