shallow focus photography of two women in academic dress on flight of stairsTHE COMPANY

Biga-Mile Ltd Is an Outsourcing consulting firm dedicated to the service provision of recruitment of students abroad to study and marketing with other related services such as ticketing, tours , vacation packages, student excursion abroad, employment packages consulting services in Nigeria.

Set up in September 2008. We at Biga-mile have a culture of excellence and best service delivery in the industry. Together with our creativity and resolute to always go the Biga extra mile in services, we are positioned to be of service to you


To develop, package and deliver innovative Educational and marketing products and concepts for our teeming client (s) that best satisfy Customer needs whilst operating a highly profitable, efficient and ethical organization.


Strategically position ourselves in the market and become the BEST educational and marketing service provider in Nigeria with a global outlook by 2025.



  • Study Abroad: information and assistance for students to our accredited universities all over the world.
  • We Provide Information, assessment and assist in Foreign Educational test e.g. TOEFL, SAT, SCORE, CGFNS etc
  • Tourist, visiting, work, business, resident permit or business visa procurement assistance with positive yielding results.
  • Visa Appeal services
  • Authentication of educational credentials from ministry of education and foreign affairs


  • Direct marketing
  • Product Launch
  • Sales
  • Promotions
  • Trade fairs and Exhibition
  • Marketing Research etc.


B– Bargain

I–  Innovation

G– Goodwill

A- Authority

M– Management

I–  Information

L– Leverage

E– Extra-mile

We offer Bargain prices, delivered through Innovative solutions, Goodwill earned with Authority and best Management Practices, using concise and timely Information, and Leveraging on all our contacts to deliver Biga Extra-Mile services.

OUR BRAND PROMISE We go the Biga Extra Mile to satisfy you




At Biga-mile ltd., our commitment to delivering Biga extra-mile services is second to none. This is reflected in the beliefs, trainings and experiences brought to view by the team in the company.

The Biga Mile team is led by Mr. Michael Odeyemi, an astute and experience Education and marketing Consultant with vast experience while heading high positions in other marketing and traveling Company before the establishment of the company. His over 10 years experience gathered in the industry has put the Company in the Advantage of Becoming Number one in their core Expertise.

The Chairman with the Consular General in one of his travelling trip to United Kingdom


DIRECTORATE; Odeyemi Olukunle Michael (Chairman), Boboe Thomas Olubiyi  (Executive), Are Olufunsho Joe Vincent (Financial Adviser), Barrister Rufai Temitope Murtadho (Legal Adviser), Capt. Omobamigbe Michael (Head Marketing Department). Barrister Emma Duruigbo ( Legal Adviser).


  1. To have an international traveling experience.
  2. To be exposed to the international system and Advance technology.
  3. To have an accurate educational program calendar to bank on.
  4. To have an opportunity to visit or even study in other partnership universities in other countries such as U.K. U.S.A. CANADA , AUSTRIALIA AND MORE.
  5. For the purpose of good citadel and luxurious environment of learning, and such facilities include classroom, laboratories, studios, sport ground, dining halls, lecture halls, hospitals and so on.
  6. To have the best standard of education.
  7. Learning of new cultures and mingling with different people from different culture, background and languages.
  8. Having an equal standard of education with the children of our so called politician and rich men of Nigeria


Wanting to have your student visa on a platter of gold without wanting to pass through the normal means.

  1. Improper arrangement of the right documents to be presented to the embassy for visa approval.
  2.  Improper filling of the student questionnaire and the application form for visa approval.
  3. Ignorance of the processing procedures to obtain a good student visa.
  4. People being a victim of unqualified and unregistered traveling consultant.
  5. Ignorance of the international education age limit for each course standard in different university in the world.
  6. Career consoling to be able to identify the best course to apply for



Valid International passport of the applicant.

  • Complete educational results (5 credits in WAEC, GCE or NECO) but for a diploma courses, 4 credits and a pass is acceptable depending on the course.
  • Masters and post graduate degree will need a complete result, NYSC certificate and a transcript from the school they passed out from. Evidence of working experience is an added advantage.
  • Sponsor’s statement of account which should not be less than 5million depending on the total traveling package cost.
  • Sponsors TAX certificate.
  • Sponsors Document to prove his or her status in Nigeria such as landed properties, shares certificate or insurance certificates.
  • Admission letters from the school applied for.
  • Payment receipt of the first instrumental school fees.
  • Reference letter from the last school you passed out.
  •  Confirmation of result received from WAEC, GCE OR NECO and more.
  • Verification and authentication of credentials from ministry of education in Abuja.


The international student procedure is as follows

  • Procurement of your international passport from the Nigerian immigration office
  • Sourcing for the country / university of your choice
  • Arrival of your admission letter. (Conditional or unconditional).
  • Fulfillment of the condition admission where applicable.
  • Documentation of papers to the embassy for collection of student visa.
  • Arrival of your student visa.
  • Departure preparation to your university.
  • Airport pick up by the university representative.

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